Damien Fogg

Investment Consultant

About Me

Best-selling author, Damien Fogg, has spent his entire career focusing on business, property, finance and investing.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and learning the importance of not being intimidated by personal finance, he began investing as soon as he was legally allowed. He has experience in business, property, equities, bonds and crypto investing.

Gaining qualifications and experience as a Financial Advisor and Chartered Surveyor – Damien went on to build a successful investment portfolio. 

With two decades of investing experience and approximately £2.3 billion worth of property deals behind him – having worked with a number of HNWI, world classed educational institutions, government bodies and political unions – Damien now focuses on sharing his knowledge and experience to add value in a strategic advisory role. 

Passionate about environmental, animal and tree based charities he is willing to discuss pro-bono work for any organisation involved in this field.

Personal & Business Highlights

Property Consultant

Property Developer


Chartered Surveyor

Finance & Mortgage Advisor

Corporate Finance Consultant


Personal Finance Consultant

Marketing Company

Consulted For:

MoD, MoJ, Defence Infastructure Organisation, Defence Estates, Homes and Communities Agency, Home England, National Landlords Association, The European Union and University of Cambridge. 

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