Damien Fogg


Show off

How’d ya like all those letters after my name… pretty impressive, huh?

What can I say. I’m kind of a big deal.

What do they mean? Well;

  • MRICS – Chartered Building Surveyor
  • CeMAP – Mortgage Advisor
  • CeFA – Financial Advisor
  • BA(Hons) & MSc – University Degrees
  • AASI – Snowboard Instructor

Three guesses which one was the most fun to qualify as… I explain them all below.

And this is where I’m from, ish.

So this is me...

My name is Damien Fogg, and I’m pretty much obsessed with property. To the point of it being a bit lame to be honest. Whatever, I think I’m cool.

My property career started over a decade ago when I decided, having watched far too many Sarah Beeny programs, that I should go full time in property. I was a Financial Advisor (CeFA) at the time, but to best honest, that just felt like a job.

Property, now that’s something I could get passionate about!

My weird combination of perfectionism and a love of qualifications led me to going back to University to gain a Masters Degree (MSc) in Commercial Building Surveying – which led on to becoming a Chartered Building Surveyor (MRICS).

I have managed hundreds of properties during my career, and developed thousands. But what led me initially to become a Financial Advisor has always been hiding under the surface.

I’m a numbers geek.

Love a good spreadsheet I do. Ohhhh, and lists! I sometimes make lists of the lists I should make.

I have a problem. Don’t judge me.

Anyways, I decided to combine my love of property and my love of numbers.

Combining the skills and knowledge I’ve picked up over the years – having carried out tonnes of pre-acquisition surveys for people buying property – I went down the path to become a Mortgage Advisor (CeMAP).

Fairly logical progression if you think about it.

As for the American Association of Snowsports Instructors… in order to avoid work for another year after Uni I decided to go and become a snowboard instructor in California. Greatest 7 months ever! Become a client, take me snowboarding, it’ll be great. 

The rest of the time… you’ll probably find me training for something – I like lifting things up and putting them back down again, despite my Dad telling me I’ll injure myself – he’s probably right. Or experimenting with frankly ridiculous new diets.

Steak & Eggs. Twice a day. 28 days. It’s a thing. (I had to go vegan afterwards for a while to make myself feel like a more responsible human). 

So yeah, that’s me…